Ki Ageng Mangir Wanabaya, Panembahan Senopati’s Son in Law

What we will be talking about at our meeting this time is Ki Ageng Mangir the fourth or in Ageng Mangir Wonoboyo the third Why is it because the generation of Ki Ageng Mangir start with Raden Megatsari, who is the descendant of King Browijoyo 5 from Mojopahit by Raden Ox Peteng of Bondan Kejawan, that Raden megatsari a place near Mangir found has, in the south of Yogyakarta, roughly 12 miles from Kota Gede off. The region is rich in trees and lots of wildlife in the area, at first Ki Ageng Mangir married to the daughter of Heilbron and had children, the second named Ki Ageng Mangir or Raden Wonoboyo, so those who use the name Wonoboyo start with Ki Ageng Mangir 2 Raden Wonoboyo of Ki Ageng Mangir 2, then he married the daughter of Demang Paker and send him down at Ageng Mangir 3 or Wonoboyo Two, then has a child named Ki Ageng mangir 4 had a child named Ki Ageng mangir 4 or Ki Ageng mangir wonoboyo Three These are the characters we will talk about I repeat is Ki Ageng Mangir 4 of Ki Ageng Mangir Wonoboyo 3 When he replaced his father Ki Ageng mangir I called Ki Ageng Mangir alone, he was one, some still do not have a wife At that time, still maintains the Mangir area as a cultivation area, as in the days of the Majapahit kingdom, because Mangir was indeed a royal territory that since the Browijoyo era was given by the king.

Since the time of Demak, Pajang Mangir has never been subject to power as well as in the Mataram era then ruled by Panembahan Senopathy however, Panembahan Senopati is annoyed because we know that Panembahan Senopati is also a descendant of Browijoyo 5, there is a video about Ki Ageng’s overall descent, which has a picture of the pedigree, that Panembahan Senopati legitimiteit wants the only one who has the power of the Brawijaya 5 race , he is. Meanwhile, Agang Mangir does not want to submit to Mataram with words are famous P God’s right hand performs God’s earth I Suwita subhanahuwata’ala I ngawulo Karo people titahing Prince Senopati jer padha That Is God not God’s earth I serve my subhanahuwata’ala does not serve the Senopathy because both beings of God said by Ki Die second Ageng mangir Ki Ageng mangir did not want to submit to Mataram because he has the rights or privileges of the status of the cultivated land his ancestors were acquired, with great difficulty defended and no one bothered him.

It’s safe so far for the three Ki Ageng to dare to fight Panembahan Senopati He is very powerful, especially with the spear of Kyai Baruklinting or kyai Barukuping or the spear of Kyai Baru, is it clear Dat Panembahan Senopati non-violent means used to conquer Panembahan in Ageng Mangir Senopati het in considering the power or forces of Senopati and also Ki Ageng mangir. Dan diambilla h a decision what the subtle method uses is going to be to conquer Ki Ageng mangir the method used is to his eldest daughter, Retno Pembayun Roro Ayu Pembayun Raden Ayu Pembayun used is the same as Retno Pembayun is the daughter of Panembahan Senopati with Mustiko Jawi or waskitajawi from Pati of the Penjawi breed Retna Pembayun means that Retno pambayun the older sister of Mas Jolang is what later Panembahan Senopati sal replace.

There is also a video which means that this Mustiko Jawi of Waskito Jawi the older brother of the Pragolo 1 Regent in Pati is first the Pragola Regent in Mataram rebelled when he rebelled shortly after he learned that Panembahan Senopati married Retno. in the story of the conquest of Madiun Pragola, makes its revelations moved by Retno Retno Pambayun Dumilah, dus is asked to become a dancer or dancer tayub there is another version that says that Retno Pambayun asked Waranggono or sinden or singer and daughter or daughter of a puppeteer in the puppetry group Retna Pembayun before taking a bath at Sendang, and disguised herself as Loro Kasian. Meanwhile, the dalang Adipati Martoloyo, disguised as Sandiguna, assisted by Ki Joyo Soepanto, vermom as sandisasmita as a musician, then there was Who Suradipa as a drummer kendang and there was a female regent who joined the doll group . The doll group walking through town Moving Mangir, the town entered Mangir. This means that at that time after the harvest there was a kind of thanksgiving sacrifice and the puppet show was asked to perform by Ki Ageng mangir.

Someone said that tayay is teasing. Watch the end of the video later and read the description. A few things will discussed at the end of the video and in the description. because he is fascinated by beauty by Loro Kasian , is Ki Ageng mangir of plan to Loro Kasian to marry. By the way, Loro Kasian also fell in love with Ki Ageng mangir. They then happily married and accepted Loro Kasian finally miss When she was pregnant, Loro Kasian confessed that she was actually a daughter of Retno Pembayun of Panembahan Senopati was. It is no need to tell me how she does not feel.

How does Ki Ageng’s heart feel? but he was an adult character whose personality matured after thinking carefully decided that he willing to go to Mataram to come at the request of his beloved wife, and he will as son-in-law of their father-in-law honor. The group Ki Ageng Mangir therefore leaves for Mataram, the group brought many sasrahan uba ramp, some of them were staged to this mental. the city of Bantul because shoulder to mentul-mentul correctly so that the story Already in Mataram Panembahan Senopati already the strategy group set Bridesmaids treat intercept welcome at Layover gerus in Pecaosan District while Ki Ageng Mangir welcomes to Penangkilan or pasewakan ward This is when the tragedy Ki hits Ageng Mangir dies with bloodshed why his head was covered with blood. What happens what caused the death of Ki Ageng from the version Fiber Bedhahing Mangir is not exact tell like it so was not then Sowan in Pisowanan Supreme the regents completed Sentono nayoko Projo present in Pasewakan or pisowanan Agung, Panembahan Senopati was ready with the spear of Kyai Pleret under his thigh was placed when Ki Ageng looked down mangir, then he was stabbed in the chest with Kyai Pleret’s spear.

Ki Ageng died instantly, no Ki Ageng mangir had time to slaan Panembahan Senopati maar Panembaha n Senopati escaped and Ki Ageng’s body stumbled or watugilang hit watugilang was the seat of the Panembahan Senopati throne and then died. ‘ Another version says that Ki Ageng mangir died because he was not stabbed by Kyai Pleret’s spear, but then his head was broken by Panembahan Senopati to Watu. Gilang, the other version the death of Ki Ageng mangir It is said that the close relationship between father-in-law and son-in-law between Panembahan Senopati and Ki Ageng mangir the Adipatis of made the persecutor who was not loyal or hated or worried about Ki Ageng’s presence mangir. They wanted to get rid of him, then they influenced him. Raden Ronggo was where Raden Ronggo was told to live at that time Raden Ronggo was the son of Panembahan Senopati, he was very young at that time Raden Ronggo also died at a very young age, someone said that mrs. Raden Ronggo Kanjeng Nyi was. Roro Kidul said Retno Dumilah ad a also said that Rorong Semangkin Roro Semangkin die daughter was raised by Sultan Hadiwijoyo entrusted, a offer of Ratu Kalinyamat, with the plan that Sultan Hadiwijoyo it as adults would take, but before that happened, turned out that Panembahan Senopati fell in love with Roro Semangkin Ki Archive reported it to Pajang and Sultan Hadiwijoyo was not angry, it was well and they were told to get married.

Raden Ronggo was influenced by these people, those people believed that the person who could match Ki Ageng. Mangir’s supernatural powers were Raden Ronggo. As son-in-law of Ki Ageng Mangir, he had the right to enter the rooms in the palace, including the place of prayer of Panembahan Senopati. When he entered, there were other people who also entered the Panembahan. Senopathy place of prayer, who else, if not Do not recommend Ronggo, raden Ronggo dan Ki Ageng Mangir’s head hit from behind using Watu gatheng Watu Gatheng was a heavy stone that Raden used Ronggo’s training to forge magic therefore the head of Ki Ageng Mangir vol dead blood.

There were also those who said that Ki Ageng mangir was not killed, but by Demang nangkil Demang Tangkil or Demang Tangkilan na Tangkil was sent away . Until then he dies and is buried in sorolates sorolates Godean Sleman at the time, sororities entered the Kademangan Tangkil area. There is also a version that says that Ki Ageng mangir was not killed but was sent away, accompanied by reliable people of Panembahan Senopati . After being in Banaran has arrived , people in Panembahan believed to have killed Senopati when Ki Ageng Mangir and then his body became sorolates buried. There are interesting things related to death of Ki Ageng Mangir and also where his grave is, for example, there is a version that says that he did not after Ki Ageng’s death was not buried in the Kotagede cemetery complex, many people know that Ki Ageng’s tomb is in Kotagede with two graves. what on limited by the tomb wall in Kotagede so that inside the tomb due to Ki Ageng Mangir’s status as son-in-law and outside the walls of the cemetery complex due to its status as enemy of Panembahan Senopati, but there is a version that says not because there is indeed a tomb in Sorolaten Godean, says the version after Ki Ageng died Mangir is then brought through the back.

By demat Tangkil so in again Sorolaten bury Sorolates as the entrance area appears corpse Kademangan Tangkil relationship Ki Ageng Mangir and the law Panembahan Senopati also not as bad as it was according to the following versions of this . After he found that Ki Ageng Mangir died of being hit by Watu Gatheng by Raden Ronggo is Panembahan Senopati then the wrath of furious that he ordered the beliefs together. Rojoniti Rojoniti is the sister Ki Ageng Mangir to intercept Raden Ronggo. In a just fight is Raden kills Ronggo for being stabbed by a spear of Kyai Baru. It is true. Raden Ronggo’s version of death is also very complete, actually the story about Ki Ageng Mangir 4th of Ki Ageng Mangir Wonoboyo 3rd Is it true that his grave in the complicated funeral Kotagede is with two dining walls Need I must also point out that the cemetery and the wall in the city in the 18th century was built at the time of Hamengkubuwono 2 to Hamengkubuwono 3 Whoever is the author of Chronicle Mangir wrote, was not clear that the new popularization socialize or publish b The 18th century mangir wash around the war of Pangeran Diponegoro in 1825-1830.

It means that if it is the model as the case of the Bubat war that was popular after some time of war, it seems that this is what historians apparently derived. but indeed the stories about Ki Ageng mangir are many confused with the word-of-mouth story. The historians so there is a Dutch historian named doctor HJ de Graaf who has written many books on the first Islamic kingdoms in Java, the founding of Mataram, the triumph of Mataram, the conquest of Mataram, the conquest of Mataram Doctor de Graaf, taken from the fibers of the apartment and chronicles of Jawi land. very complete and he is indeed a famous historian who did not mention the name Mangir until the collapse of Mataram, did not mention the name Mangir at all, for many are confused by the story. According to a historian in a book, he actually three versions of the baby mangir had baby mangir, the first that Raden wrote.

Ngabehi Sura diipura Raden Ngabehi Soeradipoera When the second name Serat Babad Mangir by Rather Literacy research institutes languages ​​Yogyakarta, then finally the Fiber Bedhahing Mangir by Sonobudoyo Yogyakarta from the origin, so that it is grave, for it was because the grave first in the 18th century restored. Later regarding Kyai Baruklinting’s spear or Barukuping or Kyai Baru’s spear There is a version that says that Kyai Baruklinting’s spear has existed since Ki Ageng mangir one or Raden Megatsari era is told that Raden Megatsari is married to Princess Juwana and ‘ had a second son named Ki Ageng Mangir in addition It appears that Ki Ageng Mangir first had a child from the daughter of Demang Jalegong who was not married to a to have a child whose child in the form of a snake with the name Baruklinting was not, the snake was powerful, although some say it is not a snake but a human, but because the child is out of wedlock, it is considered a magic snake and Baruklinting se tongue this is used as a spearhead by his father, namely Ki Ageng mangir , the first, there is also a version that says that Ki Ageng Mangir other forces have in the form of a powerful knife, the knife is a normal form, but magic is only a knife, there is no prohibition not to place on the thigh of a virgin clean at the knife town borrowed from Sarinem, really ‘ a virgin and put in his lap, the knife immediately disappeared, then Sarinem with Ki Ageng Mangir married, which Mangir? I do not know , then gave birth to a snake, the snake was the incarnation of the magic knife, the snake was looking for his father, did not meet.

Ki Ageng Mangir meditated on the Merapi mountain and asked for a confession that he was his son . father asked him to mountain Merapi to surround and it has did not work, it does not work that she body, it does not fit enough, then he sticks out his tongue, then Ki Ageng Mangir cuts his tongue and remains Klinting’s new spear, there is a version that says he was told to be a resident of Rawa Pening to become. Once the story about the death of Ki Ageng mangir , is his grave she gender. What is the religion in Ageng Mangir? His legacy is in the form of Lingga and Yoni.

Characteristics of Hindu religious heritage, the religion of the Majapahit people, but it is believed that Ki Ageng Mangir was a link to Islam, even in the case that entered the prayer room. The person in the place of the Panembahan Senopati prayer room passed away was hit by Watu Gatheng and also to confirm that the Gilang Reservoir is not a place or a throne. Watugilang is a flat stone whose height is 30 cm, it is not does not make sense. a seat and does not make sense. When Panembahan Senopati strikes in front of the crowd, Ki Ageng Mangir hits his head in his own seat or put him in front of the crowd, Watu Gilang does not become trust more than a place of prayer for Panembahan Senopati.

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